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Check out this great story from one of our lovely customers who reached out to us: "I was wearing a pair of laser cut wood earrings on the day that I had a stroke while driving and subsequently totaled the car, almost myself, and my earrings, among other things. Buying these earrings from Green Tree was consciously a small act of moving...
It was brought to our attention that our Single Toggle Switch Plate was featured in this Youtube video. Can you spot it at 16:30?
Have you ever loved a design concept so much you felt like you needed a way to keep it forever? That's exactly what one of our customers has done with this lovely tattoo! <3
Since the start of our company, we have had the pleasure of donating our products to some of the most wonderful causes. We are so happy to be able to help in any way we can, so when foundations and groups reach out to us, we look forward to helping them raise awareness and funds to continue great programs and research <3 I have included...
We had a customer contact us about an earring she had lost from a new pair. The problem was, this wasn't just any old pair of earrings to her.. "I’m so bummed – a friend sent me Pointed Oval Blossoms #119 (wood color) for my birthday and I’ve already lost one. She bought them in Williamsburg, VA. Coincidentally, the same week, I bought her...
Check out our feature on this jewelry blog for 10 pairs of earrings that make great gifts this holiday season (or any time, really)! There are some very beautiful earrings featured here and we feel lucky to have been included :) To see the full post use this link:
We've been hard at work to bring you some great new designs for this Summer. Be sure to check out the new assortment of eclectic styles we are offering, as well as our newly updated Beer Mug earrings (1344) :)