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The Puzzling Pediatrician Reviews Our Sunset Afterglow Puzzle!

 Mar 26, 2021    New Product Designs, Stories Worth Sharing, Green Tree News

We had the pleasure of partnering with Kate (better known as the Puzzling Pediatrician) so she could try out one of our fun new wooden puzzles and give us some feedback from a very seasoned puzzle lover! See below for her review of our gorgeous Sunset Afterglow Puzzle in the natural vintage wood option! - 

"Green Tree Puzzles may be new to Instagram, but they aren't new to the world of wood crafting. In fact, they've been crafting wood since the 1980s. Founders Lance & Autumn were inspired to create puzzles after they used puzzles as a way to help their son with Fragile X and Autism work on his visual reception and fine motor skills. Fragile X is a genetic disorder associated with significant developmental delays. Early intervention services are so important, and as any parent knows, therapy is much easier if your child has fun while doing it - which is why it is so cool that Autumn & Lance were able to help their son with puzzles and now they are sharing their passion for making puzzles with us!

I'm on vacation this week, and yesterday I spent the day on a rocky beach, so I thought this puzzle seemed appropriate. It's so gorgeous and I want to teleport myself into it. I absolutely love the colors. It is even more beautiful in person because I swear the print has a metallic sheen to it and the closer you look, the more colors you see. It is truly stunning.

This Green Tree Puzzle has a ridiculously amazing number of whimsies. For 124 pieces, it has 20 whimsies - of which, 14 are complex. I'm hella impressed. I love the Octopus, but the fish are pretty cool especially when you move them around in the light and they flaunt their colors.

The images are directly printed onto the wood, so there is no chance of peeling or separation. The pieces are cut with a laser and I didn't have any laser burns. The pieces are average thickness. There are some very small pieces with fine cuts so you'll want to be careful when you put it together, but that goes for any wood puzzle. I did have 2 very very slightly chipped pieces from shipping, but it goes with the grain of the puzzle and I can't notice it unless I look closely, but I wanted you to be informed as always.

The puzzle comes in a drawstring bag and a cardboard box. There is no plastic."