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New Product Designs

Love of creativity fuels the success of our company and It the one thing you can count on with Green Tree and our Designer Lance Jr. 

On this page you find New and Improved fashion designs and New products with functionality you probably won't find anywhere else.

The garden collection we've curated for you to visualize is just perfect for the warmer months of the year! What fabulous and thoughtful gifts for the green thumb in your life. Our radish, sunflower, and avocado earrings are sure-fire picks for any plant-lover you know.
Puzzles are a fun activity for all ages, especially when you find one as cute as our Deer Puzzle shown here! They offer great motor skill practice and cognitive problem-solving opportunities. This one is being pieced together during some quality mother-daughter time If you're looking for something unique and one-of-a-kind this Mother's...
Who is in need of all things baseball? Not only do we have awesome custom carved baseball bats, we also have a cute selection of baseball earrings and puzzles that have always done really well for us this time of year! See the collection we have to offer, and you're bound to find something perfect for you or a friend!
We had the pleasure of partnering with Kate (better known as the Puzzling Pediatrician) so she could try out one of our fun new wooden puzzles and give us some feedback from a very seasoned puzzle lover! See below for her review of our gorgeous  Sunset Afterglow Puzzle  in the natural vintage wood option! -  "Green Tree...
We've been working hard to create some of your requests and suggestions over the last few months! Our "NEW" tab is always the best place to see what's fresh off the lasers here at Green Tree. If you haven't popped on over lately, check it out to see the fun new designs we've introduced. I'm sure you'll find something you had no idea about, and...
If we can thank COVID-19 for one thing, it's the opportunity for creativity to flourish in uncertain circumstances. Lance has a natural ability for design and aesthetic, it's quite impressive, actually. When he had the idea to create a puzzle, he didn't know exactly where it would take him, but here we are a couple months later, after lots of...

Get into the spirit with these Celtic designs :) Click on your favorite style to order and receive by St. Patrick's Day if you order now! 

What better way to show off your love for your significant other than with the gift of..LOVE?! Down below are a few of our Love/Valentine's Day inspired designs that your partner is sure to enjoy :) Just click your favorite design to be taken to that listing!

We can't believe it's almost Christmas! To get yourself into the jolly spirit, don't miss out on

 ordering some Christmas items for the holidays before it's too late :-) Down below are just a

 few of our Christmas Must-Haves!  Click the photo of your favorite pair to place an order! :)

**We're now offering the most eco-friendly ornament option on the market!** Have you heard of 100% Recycled Paper items? Well now, you can find an array of ornaments with this option right here at Green Tree Jewelry :) We are so excited to bring these on-board for a number of reasons: 1. They are sourced, designed, and crafted right here...