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New Product Designs

Love of creativity fuels the success of our company and It the one thing you can count on with Green Tree and our Designer Lance Jr.

On this page you find New and Improved fashion designs and New products with functionality you probably won't find anywhere else.

We have a great new line of products we are excited to introduce to you all :) With the new machine we've added to our shop, we are able to print any image onto an earring, which is incredible! This brings the idea of custom earrings to a whole new level, and we can't wait to explore the possibilities out there. Please feel to share with us...
Check out our new Earth dangle earrings and Globe stud earrings and be sure to get yours in time for Earth Day on April 22nd! They're just too cute to pass up!
As we work to expand our new line of stud earrings, we will be updating you with new designs as they're created! :) Click the arrow at the top left corner of each picture to be directed to that listing on our site!
2017 we will bring in our new wood stud line of jewelry. We have always wanted to make a stud earring line, so we went to work about 6 months ago and created process with enough built in efficiencies to offer you a high quality and affordable wood stud earring that is made in the USA. You should also expect a flood of new designs, because...

Spooky new Halloween earrings, elegant Blossom design. a fox and of course a pig

We've been hard at work to bring you some great new designs for this Summer. Be sure to check out the new assortment of eclectic styles we are offering, as well as our newly updated Beer Mug earrings (1344) :)
We've added a new Gear Earring! Style #5009. Comes in 6 different color combinations.
Steam Punk Rocker Switch Plate on the loose! You asked for it and we delivered! Style # 8101
So i hope you don't remember our old Eiffel Tower earrings! Don't get me wrong they weren't bad, but these new Eiffel Tower earrings don't even compare. These earrings were made using the original blue print so they are perfectly to scale. Also we added almost exact detail to them, giving them an incredible pop. We also made this pair a little...