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Made in USA equals Sustainability

 Apr 19, 2023    Green Tree News

There are several reasons why buying products made in the United States (USA) may be more environmentally friendly than importing products from overseas manufacturing:

Transportation emissions: 

Products made overseas must be shipped to the USA, generating carbon emissions from transportation. These emissions can be reduced if products are made closer to where they are consumed, such as in the USA.

Energy use: 

Manufacturing products requires energy, and the energy mix in some countries with overseas manufacturing heavily relies on coal, a significant source of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. In contrast, the USA has a more diverse energy mix, with a higher percentage of renewable energy sources. This means that products made in the USA may have a smaller carbon footprint due to lower energy use.

Labor and environmental regulations: 

The USA has more substantial labor and environmental regulations than some countries with overseas manufacturing. This means that products made in the USA may be produced under better working conditions and with less negative impact on the environment.

It's worth noting that other factors can impact the environmental impact of a product, such as the materials used, the design of the product, and the way it is used and disposed of.


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