Welcome to Green Tree Jewelry

We are a small family business with a sustainable mission, designing and crafting all products in California.

With 14 years of experience, we proudly consider ourselves the premier wholesaler of sustainable wood jewelry. We're supported by hundreds of incredible stores that share our values and commitment to sustainability and understand the power of change through our purchases.

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Halloween Collection

Introduction to our Wood Jewelry

If you are stumbling upon our jewelry for the first time, you are probably shocked this is all wooden jewelry. We use a very thin, strong multi-layer wood, that has been put together in a criss-cross fashion giving it an amazing strength. A huge benefit of wooden jewelry is how lightweight they can be, which we hear constantly from people that wear our earrings. You will feel like you're not wearing anything at all, giving you the ability wear earrings all day while maintaining your active lifestyle

Wood jewelry can also be sustainable and Eco-friendly. With the modern standards and practices of the developed world, wood has re-emerged its self as one of the most sustainable resources we have. Sadly, these practices do not take place in most tropical regions of the world yet, but with more awareness and support of sustainable resourced suppliers, this will surely change.

All of our wood is purchased from Certified FSC™ Suppliers

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