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Why Is Wood Jewelry Popular?

 Mar 12, 2021    Green Tree News

Wood jewelry is so much more than just another jewelry option. Wood is one of the oldest materials humans have crafted from in all of humanity, and still remains a vital resource to us today! Wood offers the versatility to create chic jewelry styles, as well as unique one-of-a-kind funky designs. As you can see from our selection, there are endless possibilities. 

The natural feel of wood earrings makes them the perfect spring and summer accessory to pair with casual summer fashions while offering an almost weightless feel. We offer most wood earrings in 18 different colors. That makes 18,000+ options in our natural stained earrings alone! From neutral cream and wood tones, to vibrant reds, pinks, and blues, you can pair our wood earrings with your fashionable outfits all year-round. They pair especially well with boho styled fashions and casual looks, but don't stop there! Geometric wood earrings offer a great everyday earring option and our unique whimsical and botanical designs are chic enough to accompany your formal attire for weddings, dates, and other fun events. I wear them to every event I go to, and almost always end up giving away the pair in my ears because people fall in love immediately. Because they really are so lightweight, it's easy to become addicted, and so difficult to go back to heavy earrings that weigh you down. 

Sustainability has always been at the forefront of what we do, and creating our affordable wood earrings here in the U.S allows us to offer an eco-friendly option to help you make the small day-to-day environmentally driven changes you're working toward. We know how important the love language of gifting is to many, and offering a distinctive pair of wood earrings as a thoughtful gift has brought joy to countless customers all over the world, while reducing the carbon footprint other gifts would have created! It's like a win-win, and you can't go wrong. 

If you haven't yet given wood earrings a shot, now is the time to try! Take a peek at all there is to offer - classy, fanciful scrolls, quirky, fun shapes, small earrings, large earrings.. really, we have something for everyone. And did I mention how lightweight they are? You'll surely fall in love with a pair for yourself, or for someone you love, or maybe even both! Either way, you're bringing joy to someone and saving the Earth, one small choice at a time.