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We're Excited to Be Offering Puzzles!

 Jul 17, 2020    New Product Designs

If we can thank COVID-19 for one thing, it's the opportunity for creativity to flourish in uncertain circumstances. Lance has a natural ability for design and aesthetic, it's quite impressive, actually. When he had the idea to create a puzzle, he didn't know exactly where it would take him, but here we are a couple months later, after lots of trial and error, adjustments, feedback, and determination. To say we're excited about our new line of puzzles would be an understatement. They have been so well received from the start, it's been so encouraging! Now that you have a little behind-the-scenes info, let's move on to the groovy details that make these puzzles so great :)

All of our puzzles:

  • Are Made in U.S.A
  • Come individually packaged in a cardboard box with image of full puzzle and burlap bag for pieces
  • Are designed to be high-quality artwork that can be framed a hung once complete, and passed on through generations 
  • Offer a unique, superior quality to standard puzzles with no chipping or lifting of the image from the pieces
  • Allow for custom puzzle creation
  • Are laser-cut from 1/8 inch thick wood OR 3/16 inch thick recycled office paper with 3 style options (see details below)

Birch Wood - Natural Vintage Quality

  • Neutral wood undertones
  • Classic look and feel, reminiscent of how 1900's hand cut jigsaw puzzles used to be made 
  • Precision-cut pieces ensure smooth, easy assembly

 100% Recycled Paper - Rich Color Quality

  • Our most eco-friendly puzzle option, material is commonly used for LEED Certification  
  • Comprised of compacted raw office paper (20 sheets thick equivalent) 
  • Soft to the touch - Satin look - Heavy rigid feel - not your typical paperboard puzzle 
  • Raw material - no additives  - must keep dry 

Birch Wood - Glossy Picture Quality

  • UV protected coating 
  • Enhances bright and dark artwork to true picture quality 
  • Overall more vibrant and crisp look 

You can view our full line here, and keep an eye out for lots more to come :)

We'd love your feedback on this brand new line. Please feel free to email us at with you custom ideas, suggestions, and anything else you can think of!