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Archive: Apr 20, 2016

See below for upcoming trade shows! Atlanta America's Mart * July 14-18 Booth # 2-2301 L.A Market * July 22-25 Booth # 1825 L.V Market July 31-Aug 3 Booth #P1-2622
We've added a new Gear Earring! Style #5009. Comes in 6 different color combinations.
Steam Punk Rocker Switch Plate on the loose! You asked for it and we delivered! Style # 8101
I still remember the day I received this photo. Here we are just doing what we love, creating products in U.S.A that speak to us... To have someone take the time to reach out and say why one of our creations spoke to and meant so much to them, means the world to us! My Father-in-law designed the propeller pendant she purchased (style #7001)...
Many of us call our pets our babies. In our case, we currently have 3 fur babies! Our son loves them and they mean the world to us. We recently lost our English Bulldog to cancer, she was our first baby, best friend and my son loved her to pieces. Our vet does SO much for us, we are so grateful for them and their caring hearts and hands. We are...