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Spokhette Ballard took the opportunity to review some of our new full color earring designs to give us some honest feedback. You will find her Youtube video review here. Her sassy and spunky style makes it such an enjoyable tidbit to watch! Take a minute (or three) to hear what she has to say about our unique wood earrings :)
One of the very first shops to bring us in was Virtue, in Asheville, North Carolina after Asia saw us at MAGIC in Las Vegas. She thought our funky styles and lightweight feel to the wood earrings would make them a hit with her customers! So much so that she shared it with her older sister, Zoe so that she could also bring them into her...
We have a great new line of products we are excited to introduce to you all :) With the new machine we've added to our shop, we are able to print any image onto an earring, which is incredible! This brings the idea of custom earrings to a whole new level, and we can't wait to explore the possibilities out there. Please feel to share with us...
Check out our new Earth dangle earrings and Globe stud earrings and be sure to get yours in time for Earth Day on April 22nd! They're just too cute to pass up!
As we work to expand our new line of stud earrings, we will be updating you with new designs as they're created! :) Click the arrow at the top left corner of each picture to be directed to that listing on our site!
Check out this great video that showcases our different switch plate styles!
Check out this great story from one of our lovely customers who reached out to us: "I was wearing a pair of laser cut wood earrings on the day that I had a stroke while driving and subsequently totaled the car, almost myself, and my earrings, among other things. Buying these earrings from Green Tree was consciously a small act of moving...
It was brought to our attention that our Single Toggle Switch Plate was featured in this Youtube video. Can you spot it at 16:30?
Have you ever loved a design concept so much you felt like you needed a way to keep it forever? That's exactly what one of our customers has done with this lovely tattoo! <3
Since the start of our company, we have had the pleasure of donating our products to some of the most wonderful causes. We are so happy to be able to help in any way we can, so when foundations and groups reach out to us, we look forward to helping them raise awareness and funds to continue great programs and research <3 I have included...