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The reviews are in!

 Jun 7, 2019    Stories Worth Sharing, Green Tree News

"I absolutely love finding cute and interesting earrings to wear when I am out and about. These Owl Stud Wood Earrings are everything you will need and so much more in a pair of earrings. Green Tree Jewelry has a very large selection of beautiful wooden earrings. These are not only made in the U.S.A, they are made from sustainably sourced wood. And 90% recycled display cards. They are made to be extremely lightweight, with the image on the front and natural wood back. I absolutely love that these double as an essential oil diffuser. You can just add your favorite oil to the natural wood back! The earstud is silver plated brass. These are hypoallergenic and are applied onto the earring with non toxic water based glue.

Beyond all of these, Green Tree Jewelry are greatly priced. I have seen a lot of these types of jewelry selling at markets and such for so much more. I have always loved the look but couldn't justify the cost of a pair of earrings especially being a mom of two that stays home. The extra income just isn't there to spend an arm and a leg on a pair of earrings. At under $15.00 for a pair of super cute earrings that will literally get you compliments all day long, it is completely worth it. They also have more then just studded earrings. They have a beautiful selection of hanging earrings as well. I am sure there is a style for everyone on the Green Tree Jewelry Website. If you would like to check out these super cute earrings and so much more jewelry from Green Tree,please click here. "