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Green Tree Gets a Makeover at The Beach House

 Aug 15, 2018    Stories Worth Sharing

Every now and then, our shops will share with us their unique display options for our unique earrings. The team over at The Beach House in the San Diego Airport was gracious enough to expand their space dedicated to Green Tree Jewelry, and now have this wonderful full length display that offers 300 styles all at once!

If you happen to be flying in (or out) of San Diego International Airport, stop in and see their selection. We promise you won't be disappointed :)

San Diego International Airport
Terminal 1 - Ground Level - Pre-Security
San Diego, CA 92101

Bonus! - They are located in the pre-security area, so you and your friends/family are able to browse together even before you have to leave for your flight. It's always more fun to shop together, and you have a chance to grab a last minute token from San Diego if you're headed back home.