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Brick & Mortar Shops: The Heart of Green Tree

 Jun 15, 2017    Stories Worth Sharing, Green Tree News

There's nothing like going into a shop and seeing in person that perfect gift for a friend, or a pair of earrings that are just right for an outfit you just bought. It's a more personal experience and it is so nice to be able to see the quality a product has before purchasing it. Thank you to all of the buyers and owners of shops that are choosing Green Tree for their Made in USA, eco-friendly jewelry needs. These conscious buyers and store owners are the foundation of Green Tree. We urge our retail customers to take time to pop into your favorite boutique or gift shop. You may find something you fall in love with, you may strike up a great conversation, or you may find a brand new pair of Green Tree earrings you didn't know existed. :)

If you need help finding green tree in a store near you please feel free to reach out!

Find a store near you Link using the link below: