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Sister, Sister!

 Jun 21, 2017    Stories Worth Sharing, Green Tree News

One of the very first shops to bring us in was Virtue, in Asheville, North Carolina after Asia saw us at MAGIC in Las Vegas. She thought our funky styles and lightweight feel to the wood earrings would make them a hit with her customers! So much so that she shared it with her older sister, Zoe so that she could also bring them into her store, Charmed, which was also located in Asheville. Zoe trusted her sisters’ “amazing artistic ability” and soon fell in love, too! For 5 years now, these sisters have brought our unique wood earring designs to the Asheville area and continue to help us grow and adapt to the changing needs of their customers.

As of recently, both Asia and Zoe have sold their shops in North Carolina to venture onto new endeavors. You can now find Zoe’s new store, Look Charmed, in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, where she is living her dream of being close to the beach while still bringing customers the trendy tokens she’s grown to love. She has been in retail for 29 years and would tell you it’s “in her blood”. Asia is currently getting back to her roots of creating items to share with people, rather than selling, which is where her true passion lies.

If they were to give you any tips about their success, it would be to find something you love and go for it! Which happens to run right in line with our thoughts here at Green Tree. We are so happy to have been a part of Asia and Zoe’s stories, and so thankful that they gave our unconventional line of eco-jewelry a go at our start. J