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A Cute Story to Start the New Year!

 Jan 12, 2017    Stories Worth Sharing

We had a customer contact us about an earring she had lost from a new pair. The problem was, this wasn't just any old pair of earrings to her..

"I’m so bummed – a friend sent me Pointed Oval Blossoms #119 (wood color) for my birthday and I’ve already lost one. She bought them in Williamsburg, VA. Coincidentally, the same week, I bought her a pair of your Wright Angle earrings #1502 (green) that I found in the Memorial Art Gallery gift shop in Rochester, NY. She lives in rural VA, and I live in Seattle, so it’s a pretty amazing coincidence. I love these earrings because they’re so pretty and because I’m sentimental about the fact that my friend and I bought each other the same earrings."

How often does that happen? That you and a friend think of the same company when getting a gift for each other without even knowing! We were so happy to help her get a replacement for this very special gift, and thought you might enjoy hearing this neat little story as well :)