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New Product Alert! - 100% Recycled Compressed Office Paper Ornaments

 Nov 20, 2019    New Product Designs, Green Tree News

**We're now offering the most eco-friendly ornament option on the market!**

Have you heard of 100% Recycled Paper items? Well now, you can find an array of ornaments with this option right here at Green Tree Jewelry :)

We are so excited to bring these on-board for a number of reasons:

1. They are sourced, designed, and crafted right here in sunny San Diego.

2. They are produced with water, heat and pressure. Absolutely no additives!

3. They are extremely rigid and strong (comparable to 20 sheets of paper).

4. They are a perfect representation of eco-mindedness given that most ornaments today are plastic.

5. They allow for limitless design options!

We've even had the great opportunity to create some really unique and special custom pieces with this new method! We created commemorative 100% recycled paper ornaments for the fires in California earlier this year, and also got to help create a memorable member gift for a winery located in the Carolina's :)

We do offer bulk discounts, so please inquire with any ideas you have!

These 100% recycled paper ornaments fall right in line with our mission to expand the presence of eco-friendly and sustainable gift items in today's world. We strive to reduce our carbon-footprint, and encourage you to do the same by buying locally and seeking out American made items, which in turns reduces your carbon footprint by taking out the transcontinental transit factor :)

You can take a look at our existing styles HERE, and keep your eyes peeled for more to come!