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Donating to the Victims of the Camp Fire - Paradise, CA & Surrounding Areas

 Nov 21, 2018    Charities and Events, Stories Worth Sharing, Green Tree News

As California has been rattled with wildfires, and countless families have lost their homes, loved ones, and livelihoods, we wanted to do something small to help in the way we can. Lance created this commemorative paper ornament so that we can donate 40% of all its sales to the North Valley Community Foundation who is helping to assist the many community organizations serving evacuees and first responders.

Each ornament is crafted here in California, and all materials are sourced here in California as well. They are created from 100% recycled office paper and include an image of the beloved Honey Run Bridge that was lost, as well as a small text that says " In support of the victims - Paradise, CA 2018".

We will be updating this blog post as we move forward in this donation journey so that you all can be informed and stay up-to-date with how much we have been able to raise, and when we send off the donations Here is a link to donate directly to them yourself -

We appreciate your willingness to help us in helping the victims, and look forward to seeing what we are able to give to them.

With love and gratitude,

The Green Tree Team