Radial Two Propeller Engine Necklace 7001A

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  • Made in U.S.A
  • Style # 7001A
  • Size 1.8" x 1.9"; Prop 2.6" long
  • Radial Two Propeller Engine Necklace 7001A
  • Propeller Spins!
  • Comes as shown - Natural Wood/Cherry Red/Black Satin/Brown/Gray
  • All necklaces come on 30" long that can be cut down to any length
  • Made from sustainably sourced wood
  • Laser-cut wood
  • Stained with water based dye
  • These beauties also double as an essential oil diffuser! Whether you prefer lemon EO to keep you alert and refreshed or lavender to calm your nerves, these earrings will be a stylish way to apply your essential oils all

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