Our Awesome Team!

Autumn - Office Manager

"Hi everyone!

I’m Autumn Nybye! I came into the Nybye family back in 2010 when they were starting up Green Tree Jewelry. They needed help in the office with the growing orders and I was happy to help! I ended up marrying Lance Nybye Jr. who has taken over the designing/managing aspects of the shop so that his dad could retire. Margie (Lance’s mom) taught me everything she knew so that she could take a step back and enjoy the finer things in life (grandchildren) while I manage the office/accounting/HR. I have two sons and a daughter! One is almost 5 years old, is super sweet and has Fragile X Syndrome (genetic condition that causes physical and mental delays) and the other is 2 and is your typical wild child boy, last but not least, we have our sweet daughter Jane, who is currently 4 months old. We love God, the beach, our dog (Crispr), maintaining our fruit trees and playing with our chickens! "

Lance - Owner/Designer

"I’m Lance Nybye. A quote I’ve read in the past that fits me well is from Socrates, "The unexamined life is not worth living". For me, learning and growing is a fundamental aspect of my happiness. As a child some of my favorite memories were working with my dad or just hanging around him while he worked, and going to padres games with my mom. As an entrepreneur I spend a lot of time working which doesn’t bother me, only my wife :), but when I am not working, I enjoy taking care of my fruit trees, reading, and hanging out with my wife, kids and parents.

Margie - Owner/Grandma

Margie was once the gal who did it all. She has recently taken a step back and let her son and daughter in law take on the role of running the company. She still attends tradeshows and continues to share her wealth of knowledge. She now enjoys a very important role of taking care of her precious grandchildren. Since she has 5 of them (all under 5 years old) she remains quite busy! :) Be sure to give her a pat on the back at the shows for doing such a great job! Her favorite things to do in her free time are cuddle with her dogs and play with her birds. Pic included of grandma taking care of the first special grandchild at America's Mart (almost 5 years ago).