Custom Ornaments

We offer some of the most eco-friendly and sustainable custom ornament options on the market today, given that most personalized ornaments are made from plastic. Our 100% recycled compressed paper ornaments are sourced locally here in San Diego!
Here you will see custom birch wood and 100% recycled compressed office paper ornaments we have created for reference and inspiration. All we need to create one for you is a high-quality image :)
These personalized ornaments are a perfect choice for corporate gifts, event products, custom branded products, custom promotional gifts, wedding ornaments, and more.

With our laser-cut process, we can achieve unique custom shapes, cutouts, and details that make your custom ornaments truly one-of-a-kind. We can take away the background on any image, giving it a focused and elegant look, like the Emerald Coast Zoo and Bowdoin College ornaments. We can also take any vector image and cut it to shape including inside cuts, giving it a really unique look like the Austin Rocks Octopus ornament.
Keep in mind, we make one of the most affordable custom made in USA ornaments!
Please contact us at for pricing and quantity discounts :)

Please note: the items shown are just examples of custom work we have done, and are not for sale to anyone but the company who had them made.

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