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Archive: Mar 31, 2021

Here at Green Tree Jewelry, we pride ourselves on being aa Made in USA company based in Southern California. We love being able to offer high quality, sustainable products at a great price! Here are some customer favorites from our sunflower collection that are perfect for spring and Mother’s day coming up!  Puzzles Earrings...
Where are all of my music lovers at?! It's the universal language of expression! We offer unique high-quality wooden jewelry, and more to suit every music lover out there at a great price! Earrings Bracelets Ornaments Necklaces Here are some items from our music collection, great for special events, themed boxes, gifts, and anyone...
Are you ready for all the patriotic holidays coming up? We have something for everyone to suit your Americana needs all year long! All made in USA, high-quality, and affordable 

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